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Turck is dedicated to enabling smart automation in factories, process plants and logistics systems around the world


Smart Automation Solutions for Production and Logistics

Turck is your global automation partner for automating factories, processes and logistics across numerous industries. Thanks to our digital solutions for efficient automation systems, we are one of the pioneers of Industry 4.0 and IIoT.

As a specialist in smart sensor technology and decentralized automation concepts, Turck offers machine solutions with the control and logic capacity of control cabinets. We provide both robust sensors and I/O solutions with IP67 rating and user-friendly software and services for reliably acquiring, processing and transferring relevant production data — from the sensor to the cloud. Automation solutions from Turck increase the availability and efficiency of machines and plants in numerous industries, such as the food, pharmaceutical, chemical and automotive industry, and applications, such as mobile machinery, intralogistics and packaging. We provide you with optimal solutions for your automation lines. This is possible thanks to the industry-specific know-how we have acquired in close cooperation with our customers and through electronics development and production on the highest level.

Factory Automation

Turck has always been a key player in the field of discrete manufacturing with its strong portfolio comprising sensors, connection and fieldbus technologies, RFID and control solutions. Our comprehensive solutions help our customers to improve efficiency, increase availability and minimize errors.

Process Automation

In 1965, Turck released its first product — an isolating switching amplifier for a process plant. Since then, Turck has been supporting its customers in the process industry by offering industry- and application-specific solutions to automate their process plants up to ATEX Zone 0/20.

Logistics Automation

The combination of decentralized solutions for I/O, safety, identification and control with IP67 rating makes Turck your ideal partner for automating logistics processes. Customers can also rely on Turck Vilant Systems an RFID specialist offering turnkey solutions including integration into customers' enterprise IT systems.

Join Us at the Forefront of Digital Automation

Turck helps you find the best way to digitalize your processes using its over 50 years of industry and technology expertise. From sensor level to the cloud, you won't find a comparable partner on the market — especially in the field of decentralized solutions with IP67 rating.  
This full package allows us to offer individually tailored complete solutions for you. We don't just digitalize processes for the sake of it and we never lose sight of our original goals — to create flexible plants, scalable systems and transparent processes for more efficient production.

Open IIoT Infrastructure Connecting OT and IT

integrated | scalable | digital

The Three Dimensions of Digital Transformation

Our vision of how to digitalize value chains is based on these three strategic dimensions

Industry 4.0/IIoT

The following services can make the vision of Industry 4.0 a reality for your company:

  • End-to-end sensor-to-cloud network — from the sensor to the Edge to the cloud and back
  • Secure data storage at Turck or on your premises
  • Efficient RFID identification solutions for process optimization, from tool recognition to complete traceability of production and logistics processes.
  • Integrated and secure network between OT and IT environments
  • Ethernet and IIoT solutions available up to hazardous areas in the process industry

Decentralized Automation

The following solutions support your modular systems and reduce commissioning times:

  • Safe IP67 technology for modular machine and plant engineering
  • Decentralized control logic (CODESYS) for autonomous units
  • Condition monitoring for monitoring the condition of your machine
  • Track-and-trace systems for decentralized identification of products and goods 
  • Complete connectivity portfolio for cabinet-free mechanical engineering and greater flexibility

Software and Services

The following solutions allow data to be intelligently processed and provided in our customers' software systems or in cloud services:

  • Software modules to easily integrate our solutions in controllers (SIDI)
  • Systems for efficiently reducing IP address spaces (BEEP) 
  • Turck Cloud Solutions bridges the gap between shop floor and smartphone for efficient automation with every end device
  • Complete track and trace systems from Turck Vilant Systems including software for connecting to your ERP

The Executive Board of the Turck Group

Hans Turck GmbH & Co. KG, based in Mülheim an der Ruhr, is the worldwide sales and marketing headquarters of the globally active Turck Group (Turck Holding GmbH). Werner Turck GmbH & Co. KG, based in Halver in the Sauerland region, is responsible for development and production within the Turck Group. The management of Turck Holding GmbH consists of the four managing directors of the two operating companies.

From left: Dr. Michael Gürtner, Stefan Grotzke both Managing Director of Werner Turck GmbH & Co. KG, Christian Wolf, Christian Pauli, both Managing Directors of Hans Turck GmbH & Co. KG

"With end-to-end digitization of our processes and products, we achieve optimum customer benefits."

Dr. Michael Gürtner, responsible for development and IT within the Turck Group

"Short delivery routes, fast availability and continental value creation — with its global and flexible production network, Turck realizes an efficient global supply chain."

Stefan Grotzke, responsible for Production & Supply Chain Management within the Turck Group


"Turck paves the way to Industry 4.0 and IIoT for its customers — with smart data solutions from the sensor to the cloud.”  

Christian Wolf, responsible for marketing and sales within the Turck Group

“Around 4700 motivated employees around the globe are the foundation of our success — and the value-oriented, open corporate culture of a family-owned company." 

Christian Pauli, responsible for HR, finances and law within the Turck Group

Global Production Network

Our goal as a global automation partner is to serve 70% of continental demand in Europe, Asia and America with locally produced products. This allows us to meet specific customer requirements at any time while still guaranteeing short delivery times. Feedback from the individual markets can be directly incorporated in product adaptations. The short transport routes also reduce the carbon footprint of our products and minimize any dependence on global logistics bottlenecks. Our global production network currently consists of six production sites in Halver (DE), Beierfeld (DE), Lublin (PL), Saltillo (MX), Minneapolis (US) and Tianjin (CN).

Responsibility rooted in Turck's history and culture

The company founders Werner and Hans Turck as well as Hermann Hermes laid the foundation for Turck's respectful corporate culture. In addition to economic success, these values have always included responsibility toward our employees and society.

The place where people team up to shape an entire industry

Whether it is the new production line of an automotive manufacturer, a high-tech fermenter for the pharmaceuticals industry or a reach stacker for an international mega-port, Turck technology supports customers as they make the transition to Industry 4.0. For our employees, this means that user needs come first.

How do we ensure that companies can easily choose the right product? What does Turck offer to guarantee a fast service, and where does a partner company come into play? We find the answers to these questions through regular discussions with our customers, as well as a good understanding of the market and collaboration across all departments.

More than 5,000 employees

New markets, a wide range of skills and ongoing internationalization mean that the Turck employee base has more than doubled in the past ten years alone.

More than 30 subsidiaries

Represented on all continents by over 30 subsidiaries and with sales partners in a further 60 countries, we are always close to our customers worldwide.

More than 50 years of experience

More than five decades of investments, development and cooperation have followed since the Turck brothers and their partner Hermann Hermes founded the company in 1965.

Your Global Automation Partner

Our promise to customers and partners. We at Turck strongly believe in our claim "Your Global Automation Partner". This powerful statement explains our DNA and mission exactly!

Automation solutions from Turck increase the availability and efficiency of machines and plants in numerous industries and applications. Our experts understand the specific challenges associated with these industries and applications, are available to speak to our customers at all times, and can advise on individual requirements.

As an international company, we are never far away from our customers on all continents and can support them with a global service. For our employees, this global approach involves continuous international exchange, transnational projects and the opportunity to temporarily work at one of our companies in a different country.

With our digitally networkable solutions for efficient automation systems, we are one of the pioneers of Industry 4.0 and IIoT. As an expert in smart sensor technology and decentralized automation, Turck brings intelligence to machines and ensures reliable detection, transmission and processing of relevant production data – from sensor to cloud – not only with robust I/O solutions in IP67, but also with user-friendly software and services.

Turck maintains long-standing connections with its customers and employees. To consolidate our knowledge, we also cooperate with selected partners, including other companies within the Turck Group, such as Turck Vilant Systems, Turck mechatec, as well as external system partners. What's more, our strategic collaboration with Banner Engineering has resulted in joint ventures in six countries to date.

Turck — At the Forefront of Industrial Automation for over 50 Years

reliable | dynamic | innovative


First Turck product: An isolating switching amplifier

Turck manufactures its first series product for Hüls chemical works, now Evonik. The isolation amplifier with intrinsically safe circuits for explosion-protected areas lays the foundation for the success of the early years of the company.


First IP67 sensor/actuator fieldbus system

Turck originally develops the first IP67 fieldbus system "sensoplex" for a large automotive manufacturer. The IP67 I/O system already lays the foundation for systems without control cabinets in terms of decentralized automation at the end of the 80s.


First Factor 1 sensor

With uprox, Turck presents the first inductive proximity switch that has the same high switching distance on all metals. A world first that gives users unprecedented design freedom in the choice of metals as well as immunity to interfering magnetic fields.


First modular fieldbus system in IP67

BL67 is the world's first modular IP67 fieldbus system in the mid-zero years. This makes the flexibility and freedom of combination of modular systems possible for the first time in decentralized IP67 automation concepts without a control cabinet. In 2006, the range of decentralized IP67 solutions is expanded to include identification tasks: with BL ident, Turck presents the first IP67 RFID complete system.


First national company in India

The foundation of Turck India Automation Pvt. Ltd. in Pune is representative for the second internationalization phase in East Asia. The national companies in Korea, Japan and Singapore (JV) are followed after India by the joint ventures with the strategic partner Banner Engineering in Thailand and Malaysia.


First fieldbus system for three Ethernet protocols 

Multiprotocol Ethernet allows users to use the same I/O solution in Profinet, Ethernet/IP or Modbus TCP for the first time. The technology underlines Turck's position as a global automation partner, as machine builders can now use the same I/O systems in machines for different markets.


First logic software for distributed I/O modules

ARGEE represents the next milestone on the road to decentralized automation. For the first time, I/O components can autonomously control small applications directly on site. The simple browser-based configuration with flow diagrams in ARGEE Flow sets standards in terms of intuitive usability.


First automation company with its own RFID turnkey solution provider

With the acquisition and integration of Vilant, Turck strengthened its position in the field of turnkey solutions for intralogistics in 2017. With its RFID system know-how, the company based in Finland is one of the leading suppliers of complete RFID solutions worldwide - including implementation in the customer's own software solutions.


Turck Cloud Solutions 

Turck acquired cloud software from IoT specialist Beck IPC as part of a technology buyout. This sophisticated cloud software solution is the foundation for the development of the industrial cloud ecosystem Turck Cloud Solutions.


First national company in Africa

With its long-standing strategic partner Banner Engineering, Turck takes over its sales partner RET Automation Controls and establishes Turck Banner (Pty) Ltd. South Africa is the ninth joint venture with the opto-sensor and safety specialist Banner Engineering.


Corporate responsibility arises from the consequences that our actions have on the economy, employees, society and the environment.

Employee Responsibility

From the very beginning, Turck has been characterized by the way it values all its employees — regardless of their position, gender, religion, nationality, ethnicity or age. As part of a large-scale process, we defined seven company values that serve as a guideline for all employees and our HR processes: Respect, customer centricity, courage, team spirit, trust, honesty and reliability. Several awards as a top employer in various rankings demonstrate how committed we are to holding onto these values.

Corporate Responsibility

Long before the term compliance stood for correct business conduct, Turck cultivated a culture of honesty and trusting cooperation. This attitude is bindingly documented in our compliance guidelines. Our business activities are characterized by the spirit of fairness - towards customers, suppliers, partners and last but not least towards our competitors - while striving for the best solution in each case. The signing of the ZVEI Code of Conduct is proof of this attitude.

Social Responsibility

For Turck, social responsibility means commitment to local projects and initiatives - often with a charitable purpose. Examples of this can be found at Turck locations all over the world: For example, we support schoolchildren, students, athletes and charitable initiatives around the globe. Each measure on its own may only be a small contribution to social coexistence. All measures together stand for our attitude that economic success and social prosperity can only succeed together.

Ecological Responsibility

Climate change is the central global challenge of our time. Since the transformation of the economy is elementary for a timely containment of global warming, we have set ourselves the goal of achieving climate neutrality for the Turck Group in the first third of this century (regarding emissions Scope 1 and Scope 2). The use of green electricity at all German sites, the establishment of an energy management system according to DIN EN ISO 50001 in Beierfeld and Halver or the certified environmental management system according to ISO 14001 at the Halver site are the first steps on this path. Our global production footprint reduces the transport distances of products and thus also their C02 footprint. Apart from emissions, we are also constantly reducing the negative impact of our business activities on the environment.

Award-winning: Certificates, Awards and Prizes

Worldwide at Home

Turck has a national subsidiary in each of the 30 countries with the highest GDP and sales partners in a further 60 countries. This means we are always close to you, and know the specifics of your market and the requirements of your customers' markets.


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